It’s all in my head

You don’t get to yell at me
You don’t get to tell me
There was nothing there
You  said you once cared
I trust to much you lust to much
I loss it all
And it ends way after the fall
There’s nothing else to say
When u were mine I thought I was ok
In reality I hurt more then ever
While u n I would never work
You try to be something u don’t want to be
It seems to much to have to deal
but u just want to be liked and loved but not from me
she’s prettier than me
She s skinner than me
But I don’t want to be here if there’s nothing there
Unnecessary thoughts and reckless actions

We try and try till nothing left
All u were was a thief
I guess this is how it all ends
Things broken with no mends
See I can only take so much
Before my heart gives up
Nothing’s wrong with a fight
But words were said that just might …
Crash n smash us apart
all burden filled us up
only to end n erupt
Something that became nothing
Love to pain
Pain to lost
Lots of feelings that needed none of us

As we go on the rode all I think about is you
I can’t stop thinking where it all happened
Where you last hit and lost your life
Where you were scared for your life and were in the storm

This ones for you Its what you never knew
Nobody cares until its to late
Wish for love but gettin hate
You think your all bad but you find yourself on your knees screaming god forgive me for my sins
You wish for life and you get death
You wish for directions and you only get even more lost
You wish to be happy but all you get is depressed
You hope to live long and before you know it your gone

Did you really love me or was I just convenient.
This pain I am feeling in my heart leaves me speechless over who you really are and if you ever cared.


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