Sing it out

It’s Sunday morning and I find myself fighting to get out of bed. After what seems like hours of dread to come I get up and get ready for the day.  I have to go to  a class that  I have once a month to learn my native  language with my family.  All we really is go over basic things like number,colors,chronology, and things like that.  Eventually we go and play gold-fish, and before I go on I would like to say that we do it completely in our own language that is really hard. Not many people know the language, this obviously makes it hard to learn.

While being at the class for a bit I got to catch up with some family from LA. It was all really cool because I learned more about a music school that I’m interested about from a cousin who goes there. The school is something I’m personally really want to go to and he told me how he actually got to meet a couple of artists like Ice Cube, The Weeknd which had me so excited.

Anyways after being there for what seems like forever I go home change then head to Lobero Theatre.

Once we arrived I walk up the stairs to find my friend Briana waiting for me. We say our hello’s and I get introduced to her friend. The time is ticking and it’s almost time to watch the show. With the minutes winding down we all write down compliments and words of wisdom on sticky notes and scatter them all around for the audience to pick up.

The show begins and we all sit and we see the room glow with happiness. The show is a group of high school students from different schools around the Santa Barbara area come together and sing. So as you would imagine the show would be intresting it was.It was great seeing familiar faces on the stage with the lovely variety of voices around. Looking around there was laughter and dancing. The night soon ends and we all make our way out

We are fluttered with free cup cakes and flowers around. I grab a cupcake and vase full of flowers and make my way to my car. And with that I was gone.



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