Another year

It’s Saturday morning and as I wake up I’m rushed to get up and get ready to go on a hike. We’re in the car driving for maybe an hour and a half or so and then we arrive. I learn about the plants and how they were traditionally used for medicine. I’m with my grandma,her friends,and some collage students who came along to learn.

We’re all up there till about 1 and try to get cleaned up and at a family members party where I see a friend from Washington who I haven’t seen in a year or two.  As we make our way in we greet everyone and eat tacos. And we end up talking about the adventure of hiking and going  through the little stream. We all go on and on about sitting down in the relaxing water.

I talk to just about what feels like everyone and then before I know it my grandpa Augie is picking me up to meet up with all my cousins for the anniversary of a couple years without my uncle. We drive around listening to oldies for awhile on our way to drop off a family friend then go from there. Before you know it we’re at the house with all the little cousins cousins running around playing  while the older ones all hangout and talk with one another.

After we all socialize for a while from not seeing all of us all together we go take our walk we take every year. The walk that’s only about three blocks down then u hit the beach. All we have to do is walk down the stairs are your there. The tides are high and we just take it all in being with the family for Jojo on his day.

After being at the beach for awhile we head back to the house and decide to a couple things. First thing we do is all the cousins old and young come together to play some basketball. Which interesting enough was really fun. After that we end our night with sharing old memories and making many more during dinner. This night was made for you Jo…🌏😇(earth angel)


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