Sneaking out

It’s Friday night and I feel so stressed. I try to calm down and go over a family members house to just relax. I arrive around 10 which is pretty late and end up messing around with my cousins. As time goes on my little cousin goes to bed and it’s me and my older cousin who are the only ones up. We do face masks, talk about random things and in all just catch up. Considering he lives so far away and never get to see one another. We end up having talking just me and him till 3 in the morning till our aunt comes and joins in till about 5. Then we head to bed and we’re all out.

Before we know it we’re all up and it’s noon we decide to all go to the beach. So we throw on some clothes and makeup and go. We’re on our way down the street then hit shoreline. And wow it was already an amazing day.

We end up walking all around the park then down to the slope of the beach heading towards the ocean. We all walk along the waves and let the water hit our feets. We skip rocks and take it all in. Majority of my family live in Santa Barbara and we don’t take advantage of the beauty of it all. Before we know it we’re at the water break and since we just woke up we still haven’t had anything and decided to get some food. Though since one of my cousins were gonna leave so soon we ended up just getting some ice cream at On The Alley.


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