Getting away in silence

It’s Wednesday and I don’t have much planned for the day. Other than getting ready just in case something does end up coming up. As I get ready I hear a knock on my door and see my little cousin Sam come in. I haven’t seen her in what seem like forever but it feels good seeing her. We both decide to make something of the day and go on to roam state street. With nothing really planned we just got in the car, drove, and then were there. We make our way up towards upper state to tilly’s and look around then randomly to Rocket Fiz to grab some candy. When we walk in immediately we are flooded with the overwhelming choices to choose from. As me and Sam walk around the store we crack jokes and get candy and make our way out.

After getting candy from the store we make our way to random stores on the way of getting food. We go into tilly’s and mess around, then go into lush and get face masks to try out. We go up and down state to figure out where to go and find ourselves at habit. Once we’re there we buy our food and talk for what seems like hours. We talk about her coming to Santa Barbara High this coming next year and just ketching up all together. The topics went all over the place from boys to drama to just being home to making new plans.

We laugh and smile at the people around us. And before we know it we’re throwing our stuff away and head to lower state. We agree to head to ironically Sammy’s Camera and get some film for my Polaroid. After getting the film we decide to go to urban outfitters to look around. After spending what seems like hours we find a couple nail polishes and make our way out.

And finally we grab some blenders and find it’s time to chill on the patch of grass next to the news press. We mess around and talk till it gets a bit dark. And before we know it we’re on our way home to do face masks and paint our nails with us talking about shows.




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