Somethin’ sweet

It’s Sunday morning and I’m at my aunts. We find ourselves getting ready to go on a road trip. We don’t know yet where we might go but figure it will just come to us. Once we’re done getting ready we head downstairs and get picked up by a family friend. And from there we make our way on the freeway. We see the graffiti and art on the walls and make our way to our first stop.

My aunts friend found this cool place in Paramount where it has Mexican sweets with a twist on them. So we go on our way and before we know it we’re making our way into the little bakery.

The line is out the door and the in all feeling of the place is amazing. From the art work on every wall to the little things they have to buy. All around the place you can feel the joy that is in the room from the many including my family’s first time around. Making a decision on what to get wasn’t so because we ended up getting everything we wanted and shared.

The sweets were amazing but we knew we couldn’t walk out without grabbing a little memento. They had everything you could think of when you think of the Mexican culture. Or at the very least to me it seemed they did. There were candles with the loteria cards on them,some with Frida Khalo, and so many others. The little things that they had were so fun and had a very unique twist to them much like the sweets. Once we were done eating,looking around, and paying for the things we got we made our way out. I personally found myself walking out with a really cool candle saying “la cortisone” and some really cool stickers.

The last stop of the day turned out to be Morphe brushes. My aunt,her friend,and I looked around and we ended up getting some things and found it was time to go. The in all day was great I got to explore into the Mexican culture a bit and get some makeup stuff. Which was pretty cool and the best way to end a long week.


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