Just wait

It’s Saturday morning, the day has just begun. To some it’s just another day to this week but to me it was important to spend it with one of my family as a whole. My grandma’s day where we would come to a surprise at the end of the day. It all begins with me and my grandma staying up at waiting for the clock to strike midnight, and when it does I say happy birthday and with that goodnight.

We all  head to bed and before we all know it, it’s morning. My grandma and I find ourselves rushing to shower and get ready. I know what is to come of the night, my aunt,uncle, grandpa,great grandma, and I have been planning the day to surprise her. First we would all head to the movies and see Beauty and the Beast with my great grandma,grandma, aunt, and I.

Once we arrived we had gotten the popcorn and of course a drink with a number of things happen before the movie even starts. Me and my great grandma walking into the wring theater, then we realized just that and found our way to the right one. As we find seats and all meet at the exact spot I realize that I didn’t bring my glasses so I had spent some of the time seeing blurs. During the movie my great grandma falls asleep and as we realize we start to laugh and soon after she wakes and the movie slowly comes to an end.

The movie ends and we make our way out. We spend our time walking around state and then find our way going back to our house. The plan is to now go with my aunt and go get ready for the surprise. All day everyone could say is just wait for what  she didn’t know what was coming. The time has come the reservations are at  6 and its time for us all to go.  We make our way to Harry’s Plaza Cafe and wait for her to arrive. The wait is almost over the lie that is being told is that my grandpa and grandma are to go to dinner here the only thing she doesn’t know is that we’re all here.

They come in and the look of pure happiness and joy light up the room we all order and go on with dinner. My whole family laugh and joke around, the night goes on and soon it just ends.


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