As the snow falls

Day 1 Wednesday March 15, 2017

I’ve never been so excited to wake up at 6 in the morning. I think to myself it’s finally time to go on the trip I’ve been waiting for. Going to the snow for the first time I was nervous and ecstatic at the same time. As I get ready fast I find myself out the door and on the bus with the whole sophomore class of the MAD Academy to Montecito Kings Canyon in Sequoia. On the way there I find myself listening to music and talking with those around me. Before I know it the 5 or so hours have past and we’re nearly at the lodge.

We arrive and immediately get assigned to who we room with and then drop off our stuff and go on a walk around. I felt the cold soft snow for the first this day and felt pure  happiness  for the first time in what seems like forever. The day goes on and I find myself going from activity to activity with my friends. Later on in the night we all get together and have a big connection circle, play games, and in all get to know each other more than we had before.

Day 2 Thursday March 16, 2017

I wake up late as always and head down to the dining halls where I find the rest of the class. We all eat and meet for another walk and let me just say snow pants and boots saved my life for it being so cold. On the way me and Angel throw snowballs at one another, and sometimes I got some of the other guys to throw some at him too. I hang mostly with those around me and  we end up along the way lose someone so Dan goes looking and of course they find us shortly after him leaving. Eventually we all go back but in the meantime we mess around and enjoy the cold yet relieving air. Later on in the day Angel, Victoria, and I all go tubing, watch a snowman be built and the snowball fight unrail in front of our eyes. We eventually go inside and try to keep warm which leads me to go off with a couple of us girls doing face mask, then Dan sees and joins in which leads more and more people to one by one. Before we all know it we eat and get to know each other a lot more with a personal activity to being us all together. It’s nighttime and we get ready for bed and then we’re all out.

Day 3 (last day) Friday March 17, 2017

I wake up early enough to watch the sun rise along with what seems like everyone and take pictures. I’m all packed up but left some snow stuff out so at any moment I could be ready. We all meet once again in the dining hall and find out we only have about 3 hours left and we make the most of the day and go early tubing. Which if only we knew would end badly for Angel falling down with someone and Victoria falling later on while we both head down. Luckily I didn’t fall but I felt for my friends around me that did. Loading and getting on the bus was hard but relieving not because I was getting my phone back but cause I got to see my family. The bus ride back was fun because the connection was deeper than a couple days before. Till this day I think I will forever have a snow and in all mad retreat withdraw.


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