Life in the Nite

It’s Sunday morning and I find myself hitting snooze a few too many times. Where I find myself waking up at around 7 and take a shower and begin to get ready to start my day. I find myself waiting a little too long for my cousin with her plans changing around from what time she is to pick me up. As the hours past by its 11.30 and she arrives we go on our way to Ventura for a Car show where more of my friends and family are. When getting to the front gates I see my older cousin who forgets to get a wristband which you need to get in, so a family friend goes to get me one. After a couple minutes of me waiting I finally am in and get to say my hellos and get hugs from family and friends.

I hang out with many different friends from all ages. My older cousin I mange to crack jokes with and my younger ones I tend to play small games with. Eventually it’s time for Car hopes close by. As we make our way to the area we pass out fryers and take pictures of cats around us. Watching the hop was fun cause I got to see Jennifer’s parents and say my hellos and watch as many had tributes in honor of her. Many had stickers that said “J Kush” or “who’s banging” in memorial for her most from her car club and some not.


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