Taking it day by day

Life is something that is taken for granted. Everybody lives life differently, with different passions and success. The achievements that we make in our life is something for those we leave behind for remembrance. As humans we’re suppose to stay back and let life hit and tear us down. But at the end of day still be expected to get right back up. As days roll past you wonder if life is worth it, if it’s you or the depression. Learning to take life day by day with those you lose close to your heart is what keeps life possible to go on.

Growing up with my family being involved in a Car club always made me and those around me fill with joy for the bond we have created. I can remember being as young as 7 or so going to car shows and meeting plenty of new faces. Strangers become family and with that we find ourselves going everywhere together to party’s at our spot or regular BBQs. Over time the members of my family’s car club, Nite Life, would leave to other ones. What still brought us together was our love for cars and photography.

Living life with theses people around me gave me a second home. And with that you never expect to have to say your final goodbye. February 20th of this year I got an unpleasant call from my grandpa that a family friend had sadly been in a traumatic car accident and having to hear the details of how it all went broke my heart even more. Later on that night I had been given the final news of her passing. I thought about all the memories we had together growing up after all she was only 19 and life was still so new. Reality didn’t hit me till me and my family went to the church and seeing her being brought down. Seeing my family and friends in this distort state of mind made me even more upset. Jennifer’s mother and father brought me to tears seeing them reminded me of when they were there for me when my mother had past and seeing them now was too much for me. Jennifer was an amazing photographer, and a nice caring well known girl, who didn’t get to live to her life to the fullest but her spirt will forever stay alive in the Car club community. Jennifer will always be family and has sparked me to want to continue in her footsteps to go and photograph the cars within our community. Keeping her photography alive along with her spirt.

So much love to her family but most importantly her mom and dad. To those who can please donate 


Next weeks post will be keeping her alive with photography of some low riders.


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