Dancing my problems away

It’s Saturday evening and I begin to get ready for winter formal. I being to do the basics of my makeup starting with my eyebrows. Eventually my eye shadow, foundation, and lastly, my lashes. I hadn’t really planed out the look I was going for so I just went with whatever seemed right. Other than planing to use some sort of sparkle on my lid and a dark brown to define my eye crease. I used the variety of my makeup that I had already had and this is just some of it for my semi decent look.


After a couple hours or so of me getting ready a close friend to me, Alizé who I am going to the dance with, comes to pick me up. We cruise around state and the beach and the finally end up at the front of the school. We arrive just around the doors open so we’re one of the few there. We walking around to see who’s there that we may know and find some friends. We meet at the photo booth and take pictures all at the same we fight over who gets to keep it.


As a now bigger group of all my friends we walk inside the girls gym where the dance is located and see the herd of teens. The musics loud and we begin to see familiar faces jump and dance around. We all head to the front and go by the DJ where we dance and mess around. They play all the hits from maybe the past year or two.


 We walk out to the meadow to get water and end up sitting at a table which gets some other people to join us some we know others not so much. After sitting down and chilling for a number of minutes from our feet hurting we get up and head to the booth once again. At this is point it’s just Alizé, Leslie, and me we mess around in the booth while others look in and eventually head back into the dance.


The dance goes on and we laugh and in all joy is in the air. It’s starts to slow down after awhile and the night ends. The DJ ends the night with Migos “Bad and Boujee”  and with that we all head out and gather our friends to get our things. Alizé and I make our way to the front and get a ride from her mom. I walk into the front door of my house and find myself heading for my bed with being so tired. The nights over, memories were made, and now the next adventure is too come.



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