High off adrenaline

It’s Sunday morning, my alarm goes off, I don’t want to wake up. As the minutes roll by I eventually get up to take a shower and before I know it I’m on my way with my aunts and cousins to six flags.

We’re on the road and eventually we arrive at another one of my cousins house, Bella. Where we hang out for a couple minutes, then eventually we head out again on our way to the beginning of a long day. We take separate cars,Bella’s mom and her husband in one and my Aunt Michelle,little cousin Josh (her son), me and Bella in the other. Of course me and my aunt sing at the top of our lungs to oldies from the late 90s and early 2000s era but as well as the new mainstream music to keep the little ones entertained as well. The whole ride there we laugh and make one another look pretty weird towards other drivers passing by. All of a sudden we find ourselves on the off ramp towards Magic Mountain and all talking about what ride we should probably go on first.


We walk right in and looking around, we see characters all around and see the happiness in those close by eyes. After walking for a bit we decide to go on a small boat ride for my little cousin Josh who’s scared to go on the bigger rides. We all end up on each of the ends of the ride and make fun each other as we go higher and higher. We get off the ride and head to Twisted Colossus, which is personally me and my aunts first time going on. We wait for 20 minutes then we’re about to all go on, but suddenly the ride stops and we end up having to wait an additional half an hour till we get on. Me being me of course the ride breaks down right before it’s our time to get on, I don’t know if it was a blessing or simply just annoying for the inconvenience.

img_0635  Before I know it we’re on the ride and I feel myself almost falling out. Crazy enough it’s fun and my little cousin Bella is happy as ever with the thrill of the ride. Once we’re all done we head to Goliath and wait for what seems like forever.



One thought on “High off adrenaline”

  1. Twisted Colossus is such a good ride I love it, and this little girl makes me looks like a chicken because im scared for my life to go on goliath..

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