Lost in the music

It’s Saturday night I’m on my way to hang out with an old friend, who I haven’t seen in months. The night began with me heading over her house late as always, ordering pizza and just catching up. We talked for hours, till there was a comfortable silence. Us being the spontaneous teens that we are, we decided to head downtown and make an adventure of the night. We go to La Arcada Plaza walk around in the rain.

Erin and I joke around and take pictures while the strangers around us fill up with laughter. Once we’re done we head down towards more restaurants, where we come across an old telephone booth. Both of us became really intrigued or at least I was. The people walking by smile and tell us how we’re lucky its open.

4We later end up decide to go down towards lower state and go to Rocket Fizz. Before we go in we find a set of stairs and end up on top, looking over the madness of a regular Saturday night in Santa Barbara. Eventually we go buy some candy and a soda, step out and see a friend. We say hi and proceed in small talk which gets interrupted with seeing another friends. Then after a couple of minutes pass by we go on and head to a record store that’s closing down. As soon as we arrive we look around and show each other different bands and artists.


While roaming around the store you could say we bonded more on a deeper level. We go on to talking about different bands like Nirvana to Blink 182. The posters, albums, and feel as a whole changed the mood of the night to something regular to interacting with our different yet in some way sort of similar music choice. The night finally slows down, coming to an end. As we arrive back to her house I find myself jumping into my car. And before I know it I’m home and the night seems to be simmered down. Eyes become heavy and the darkness of the night takes over.


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