There will only be one

Basketball. The one sport I really ever showed interest in and for some reason never thought to join. I just sat back, watched, and took note of each player. I noticed the strengths of each of them over the years and as time went on I became a regular you could say. Every year it became a tradition to go to each game with my family to the varsity games for SBHS.

It’s Friday night, and we arrive at 6:35 pm in line where I meet up with my friend Victoria. We had planned to come and see the varsity (SBHS) boys game vs our hometown rival SMHS but came a bit early and managed to watch the ending of JV. We walk into the hectic gym with little to no seats left.  After roaming around the chaotic gym we manage to find suitable seats. We stand and watch the ending of the game which ends up going into a crazy overtime. Sadly we took an “L”  but the highlight of the nights had just begun. The varsity game starts and we rise for the usual national anthem. The starting five gets announced and everyone is on the edge of their seats.

Tip off begins and watching the game begun so thrilling. Each person in the rooms eyes seemed to be glued to the court.

As the first two quarters pasts by quickly, nerves kick in and stomach drops. The score is creeping up on us, were down but slowly catching up. With San Marcos in the lead, their student side became rowdy and help up printed out “L” every time they would make a basket. Everything’s is a competition between SM and SB our screams rise and try to overpower each other’s. Cheerleaders compete to show themselves off and all the while scream team gets the crowd hyped.

Before we know it halftime where Dance Team comes out does an amazing routine but has a malfunction with music. While some students managed to go to SM’s side and steal some of the signs.

We come back to the game better as ever SB’s crowd is going wild you can feel the benches beneath us shape and almost want to break off. Excitement in the air and with SB in the lead you feel the happiness and laughter in the room. And finally as the the clock ticks down our student side jumps down from the bleachers and run down to the court. You see jumping,hugging, and see the adrenaline rush through some of their minds.

The final score ending at 65-47.


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